Neuro muscular therapists are extensively trained in the nervous system's effects and skeletal systems. They also have a working knowledge of kinesiology and bio-mechanics. NMT therapists work to treat five main causes of pain.

Trigger Point - irritable areas of muscle tissue that refer pain upon a predictable pattern.
Nerve Entrapment/compression - when the muscular system becomes unbalanced because of bad posture.
Ischemia - when lack of blood supply to an area makes the cells very sensitive.
Bio-mechanical Dysfunction - This is a direct result of doing a task repeatedly in an incorrect manner. It is associated with injuries such as tennis elbow and / or carpal tunnel syndrome.

After therapy you may feel some soreness. The soreness should go away within 24 hours. You may not notice much of a difference in the looseness of your muscles until as long as 14 hours after treatment.