Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is one of the types of massage commonly asked for in the clinical settings. This form of therapeutic massage is great for providing chronic pain relief by addressing pain in specific areas. It is commonly used on athletes. This type of therapeutic massage works the deeper layers of muscles. To get to the deeper layers, theĀ  therapist makes more use of forearm and elbows and massage more slowly.

The therapist may also use tools to get deeper pressure. The primary aim is to break up adhesion in the muscle tissue and like other forms of massage, increase the circulation and lymph flow to the area. Adhesion are areas where the muscle tissues is stuck together forming rigid bands of tissue or hardened lumps often referred to as knots in the muscle. These adhesion's keep blood and lymph from circulating freely in the muscle causing the muscle tissue to be malnourished and waste to build up in the tissue. Cross-fiber friction often used in deep tissue massage helps loosen these stuck fibers.

This type of massage is good for:



Tension headaches

Muscle injuries

Neck pain

Back pain

Chronic pain

General muscle tension